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Seed FeederIt's All About Birds In Your Garden!


Welcome! I'm Ian Traynor and I'm "nuts" about garden birds! Well, nuts about birds everywhere, really.


Watching birds in your garden or backyard is really so easy. And it helps anyone to appreciate the wonder of the wild life which is all around us - even in the heart of our big cities.


Ian TraynorThe aim of this site is to help garden bird lovers everywhere to enrich their garden bird watching experience.


With my wife, Ruth, we've travelled the world watching birds - and we've seen a lot of very different gardens and garden birds.


What we've found, in North and South America, in Trinidad, in West Africa, in Nepal, in Israel, in Morroco and in the Seychelles is - if you put food out in a garden, you will get birds!


Which food you put out will determine what kind of birds you attract. It can be quite a science knowing exactly what to do for the best.


So, in this website, I've collected articles and news feeds from some of the best resources to help you to help the birds. And to help you to get enjoyment from watching the wildlife spectacular in your own garden or backyard.


Recent Articles Added


Build A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Before starting this article about building a squirrel proof bird feeder, let me ask you this question, whats with squirrels? We all know that watching these creatures roaming around the backyard lawn can be truly delightful. But they can also cause destruction to your birdfeeders and scare the birds away. More..


Attracting Birds With Flowers
In this article about birds, bird watching and how to get them to flock to your humble abode, were going to focus on how to get a flock of birds by planting certain flowers in your garden.. More..


Create Your Own Hummingbird Nectar

Hummingbirds feed off of plants and a few insects, but because of the speed which their wings flutter when theyre in flight, they tend to burn a heck of a lot of energy. They need to eat about every 15 minutes!You can help by providing Humming Bird Food, known as Hummingbird Nectar, in your yard or garden. More..

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